Thinking of moving home to gain more space for your growing family or business?

Why go through the cost, stress, paperwork and inconvenience of relocation when you can extend your property and increase the value of your home at the same time?

We are experts in all types of house extensions. Whether it’s adding a kitchen diner extension, garden room or a full two-story build to increase upstairs space as well as down, the benefits are clear:

A house extension can typically add 20% – 30% to your home’s value
You can create a space that is totally tailored to your requirements
You can stay in a known area that is, perhaps, near to family or maybe the best schools
Extending your home is considerably cheaper and less stressful than moving house, particularly during a volatile housing market
With house prices in North London currently at a premium, extending the square footage of your property could be a wise investment.

However, extending your home without professional advice and support is not to be advised due to the planning permission that may be required, compliance with up-to-date building regulations for any new structures, possible neighbour consent and the risk of hiring cowboy builders.
At Power2Build, professional North London builders, we offer a complete home extension service. Our team consists of the whole spectrum of necessary specialists including architects, construction engineers, builders, plumbers, electricians and interior designers. So we can build you a structurally sound extension that complies with all regulation and looks good inside and out.


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